Ukwakha I Intanethi

The purpose of Ukwakha I-intanethi is to create a technology hub for students to flourish, develop IT entrepreneurial skills and learn the skill to start small businesses in the technology sector. The hub should function as learning and developmental software and hardware including mobile technology focused a model of a technology incubator, with support from backers including IS labs and technology companies. We run developmental programs to starting with A+ and N + to give people skills to start and grow their own business also to give them skills to find a meaning full job in the IT sector
All lectures are done at the hub and are taught face to face with students using technology
Starting with the basics of IT tech, we have expert A Plus tuition including but not limited to Apple hardware. In using all technology at our tech hub encouraging young technically minded entrepreneurs particularly in the mobile space to learn and to share ideas as well as to develop products.
Ukwakha I-intanethi plays a pivotal role in fostering the emerging new generation of African tech entrepreneur, by providing training support facilities and networks required to enable entrepreneurs to turn their ideas in to sustainable businesses. Ukwakha i-intanethi can make an immediate and lasting impact on local innovation and development.
Ukwakha I-intanethi is a place for talented IT entrepreneurs to collaborate and start new businesses that address the problems we face as a society. It is targeted to any kind of technologist but preferably young ones, someone who need the training to get started. We hope to give them a chance that they would not ordinarily have. We also aim to instil in them the skills they need before working for a big company.
Ukwakha I-intanethi think successful start-ups come from this kind of environment where young people can find solutions to the problems we face as a country. The main aim of Ukwakha I-intanethi is to encourage entrepreneurship and to give people the skills to be successful.
The facility will offer free of charge to members and is funded by corporate South Africa through a participation prograUkwakha Logo Finalm. A corporate would adopt a student and fund his or her studies for a period of time normally 2 years.